About Me

Published Goods

Part 42: In Which She is Devoured by Tigers,” Flashquake, Winter 2008-2009 edition

“ComaSong” and “A Goodbye” at Thaumatrope.com

The Best Pet,” Outshine.


Elle Van Hensbergen lives with her beloved Mr. Man, their Enormous Teen Beastie, their wee-bitty baby beastie and their dog (the cat) in central Texas.

She eats, she breathes, and she writes.  Her published work can be read to the right, and soon, she hopes, to the left as well. 

(At which point, you will be surrounded and should probably run.)

Note Regarding Contact: You may occasionally find Elle between the letters K and M.  However, she doesn’t tend to stay put, so perhaps this is a better way to contact her.